Mirrored, Vinyl or Raw Gyprock - Choosing the right sliding wardrobe door


There's a few options when it comes to sliding wardrobe doors and we're here to help make the decision a little easier. 


1. Mirrored wardrobe door

For a multi-purpose solution to suit your bedroom, office or other space, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors are a great option. Not only do mirrored doors have a practical function but they also help to create a sense of space through the reflection of light. Hello bright and spacious looking room!


2. Vinyl wardrobe door

The classic vinyl sliding wardrobe door never goes astray. Available in a range of neutral colours, these doors are ideal if you're looking to match your walls and interior decor. From bedrooms to hallway cupboards, vinyl wardrobe doors are versatile option.


3. Combination wardrobe door 

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a vinyl and mirrored combination sliding wardrobe door. This option is a great solution for spaces where you want the benefit of a mirror without taking over too much. It's all about finding that right balance.


4. Raw gyprock wardrobe door

Looking to customise your space with some colour? Discover the freedom that raw gyprock sliding wardrobe doors offer. Offering a great foundation, raw gyprock allows you to style it your way just simply add a lick of paint - ta da!