Guide and Manuals

Find resources for understanding how to measure your sliding wardrobe doors and how to install them:

How to Measure Video Guide

What you will need:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Notepad/Piece of paper



Step 1: Take your measuring tape and measure from one side of the jamb 1000mm in and make a mark.

Step 2: Now measure from the other side and record the difference to the 1000mm mark.

Step 3: Combine both measurements to get an exact width measurement.

Step 4: Repeat this process for bottom width and heights also.

Note: Be mindful making any pencil or pen marks on the sides as no tracks will cover this.

Step 5: Record all Measurements for top,bottom widths and heights.

Step 6: Proceed to step 2 and select the correct size ranges.

Eg: If you measured 1380mm top width and 1378mm bottom width you would use the larger size. 1380mm is between our 1200mm - 1500mm wide range. Click this range to show correct sizing and pricing. Same applies to height range selection.

How to Install Video Guide

What you will need:

  • Top Guide Track
  • Bottom Guide Track
  • Sliding Wardrobe Doors
  • Screws and Snap Caps
  • Rubber Buffer Strip (to insert in side of doors)
  • Floor Batton (if needed)
  • Screw Gun with Phillips Screw Bit
  • Screwdriver (optional for adjusting wheels)


Step 1: Screw your top track to the bulkhead with phillips screws provided.

Step 2: Screw your bottom track down (with V grooves pointing down - this is the guide for your wheels) to your floor with phillips screws and screw collars on them for fitting snap caps afterwards.

Note: If you are fitting on carpet; we will provide you with a floor batton. This is to ensure you have a flat surface to hold your bottom track down with. Simply screw the floor batton on an angle to your side jambs to secure it then simply screw the bottom track down onto the floor batton.

Step 3: Now slide one of the wardrobe doors to the back of the top tracks and lift into place on the back wheel slot on the bottom track.

DO NOT lift the doors from the side aluminium horizontally - this could seperate the frame from the infill. Always lift them vertically into place or when handling.

Step 4: Adjust the door by turning the adjustment screw on the wheels clockwise or anti-clockwise to align with your side jamb.

Step 5: Repeat this step for the front door.

Optional: All sliding door kits come with a roll of rubber buffer strip. This will soften the closing strike when the door touches a side jamb. On the side of your doors is a groove for this strip to be inserted and trimmed to suit your sizes. It is up to you if you wish to do this but our suggestion is to use the strip. Your walls and doors will thank you!

That's it! Now you can enjoy new sliding wardrobe doors from Wardrobes Direct Australia.