Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast

Maximize your wardrobe space with our slimline triple track sliding wardrobe door kits from Wardrobes Direct Australia.

Slimline Triple Track SLiding Wardrobe Doors

Are you looking for a way to open up your wardrobe door space more with 3 doors or perhaps more space than the usual 2 doors?

Wardrobes Direct Australia has got you covered with our custom-made triple track sliding wardrobe doors using our slimline range.

Slimline Triple Track (Close-up)

Our slimline triple track sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for those who want maximum accessibility and functionality for their storage space.

Upgrade from standard double track to slimline triple track if you are frustrated with only being able to access 50% of your storage space with a double track sliding wardrobe door setup, it's time to upgrade to a slimline triple track and get 66% opening with all your doors stacked to one side.

Slimline Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors (Closed)

With three doors, two of them can be open at once, giving you access to two-thirds of your wardrobe space. See below:

Slimline Triple Track Sliding Wardrobe Doors (Open)

Is your wardrobe door kit width larger than 2400mm?
You can select slimline triple track during order online as it will be a default 3 door kit.

Not sure? Check out our measuring guide here.

Wardrobes Direct Australia lets you have the option for any door kits over 2400mm wide (defaults as a 3 door kit) to add the slimline triple track as an add-on.

My width is under 2400mm but I still want 3 doors on triple track?

If your width is under 2400mm wide (defaults as a 2 door kit) then we can do this via custom email order and create a 3 door kit to suit. Simply contact us here and get in touch with your custom needs for a quote.

At Wardrobes Direct Australia, we understand that every home and office is unique, which is why we offer a range of colours and finishes for our sliding wardrobe doors. Our sets can be custom-made for any space, including offices, bedrooms, hallways and laundries.

Our sliding wardrobe doors are not only customizable, but also competitively priced with our monster 5 year warranty. Our products are made-to-measure by our professional team and we offer an instructional video to make install a hassle free and easy process.